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  1. not funny! my heart stopped for a minute! :shock: Wait? You actually believe me for a minuter there? Just for a second... I don't know gang signs...
  2. New background... one of my newer images... :wink:
  3. @TheStranger: 9/10, the words just seem out of place, but otherwise really good!
  4. not funny! my heart stopped for a minute! :shock:
  5. I know I'm not a big poster, but still. I took this just now & edited it. And yes, I have the pivot stickfigures... I got really bored. Excuse the lazy look, its sunday and I don't do jack on Sundays. Is it me or is everyone here like, 12 or 30, but no one in between...
  6. You could highlight the part you want magnified and copy it to a new layer. Use the layer properties to zoom it on the Rotate/zoom... then select the empty area on either side and invert the selection. Merge layer down, make a new layer, and proceed as normal! See the kitten pick below... I used it there.
  7. hmm.... maybe I'll update with screenshots complete with the figures I used. -updated!! :wink:-
  8. Are you sure you made a whole new layer for the grey gradient? I forgot it once and it threw off the picture completely!
  9. I used it on mario... I found a way to add a shiny spot on them too!
  10. It's a community tutorial... you're supposed to put your tutorial for stone in it!
  11. You have speakers, but all they play is static. I wish I knew the meaning of life.
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