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I've created a texture. Saved it as PDN so that I could Work on it later. Opened it later, Edited it into 7 more textures and saved them all as PDN. Now I'm happy with all of them, BUT, I want to save them as JPEG. When I tried to Merge the layers together, was unable too. Don't want to lose anything, so, my question is this: Do I need to Merge the layers , or Flatten, or can I just Save As a JPEG? I've searched all 26 pages in the forum concerning "save" and didn't see an answer. Sure hope someone can help. Thanks.

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Remember to use search before asking! :wink:

They did. Finding or not finding the right solution may have been a product of the tool used and not the search term itself.

@rj2: the forum search tool is inferior to the custom google one that you will find here: http://www.getpaint.net/search.html

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