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  1. I downloaded Pyrochilds "Smudge" plugin and the plugin error says that it's not compatible with this version of Paint.Net. I have the latest I believe v3.5.8 I also unblocked it and still nothing. ant ideas?
  2. I've created a texture. Saved it as PDN so that I could Work on it later. Opened it later, Edited it into 7 more textures and saved them all as PDN. Now I'm happy with all of them, BUT, I want to save them as JPEG. When I tried to Merge the layers together, was unable too. Don't want to lose anything, so, my question is this: Do I need to Merge the layers , or Flatten, or can I just Save As a JPEG? I've searched all 26 pages in the forum concerning "save" and didn't see an answer. Sure hope someone can help. Thanks.
  3. Probably the easiest thing to do, but, I'd like to make a brick wall. I've made a brick, but I don't know how to repeat the brick on the canvs in an offset pattern. Do I need a plug-in or something?
  4. Thanks, PineapplQc. Was starting to go nuts. Just tried it and all is good now. ) thx, again.
  5. Recently downloaded "Majik's Photo Fill" plugin and just can't understand exactly how to use it. Could someone please give me some instuction?
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