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WhiteStar's Texture Creations & 3D Egyptian Temple of Bast

WhiteStar Magic

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Hey there everyone.

I've been using PaintNet for quite some time now and thanks to all the wonderful folks making the most excellent program even better! The Plugins Rock !

Anyways... I have been making textures and images for use in a 3D Metaverse and I recently completed a 3 week long build project (Egyptian Temple of Bast Recreation [scaled down big time]) which needed me to make all of the Textures/Images (ALL IN PAINTNET) and it turned out amazingly well... In fact, I managed to render almost everything in 3D with full depth and carvings (Bumped) which is not supported by the software application that is used to access the Metaverse.

I thought I would share some pictures in a slide show format. I've never posted anything like this in the forums, so I'm not entirely sure how well this will work or "not"... Hopefully it does and I don't break any rules.

Thanks Again to all of the developers of the main app & all the wonderful plugin's that make it all possible.


I removed the High Res. Slideshow.

Here is a Link to a 640x480 Slideshow on Photobucket. It may not work for everyone.


See my next post below for images, links and more.

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Sure no problem....

Gave up trying to resize on Photobucket ! LOL What a PITA !! I've uploaded smaller versions and they are linked in below. ROFLOL... Someday's I HATE Computers !

OK... here we go again...

I edited all the files and reduced them to 512 wide from 1024 & 1280 wide. Converted them all to JPG as well.

Thumbnail with Full Resolution Detail


Link to my Album

Some of the Images:

Frontal Centre


Frontal Right Close up


1st Chamber Centre Ceiling


Inside Courtyard Back Right


Outer Courtyard Left Side


Sanctuary Back Centre


This worked ! YIPPEE !! :D

Have a Great Day!

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Thanks Shadows....

Just some to notes.

Because of the environment I use my textures in, I save everything down to 1024x1024, 24 bit TGA. For smaller items, of course the resolution is smaller (just no need) but all the wall panels and such are full rez. The images on Photobucket are squeezed down JPG files which I converted from 1280x974 PNG (the highest rez I can capture using the environments software).

I added a Thumbnail Image (PNG) which isn't really optimal either, at the top which shows the normal size of the individual components prior to upload to the environment. Also... The roughness in the textures is there to add that additional rough quality as this was a period 2000-BCE Temple and the feel I wanted was to be right.... additionally, the colour palette used matched the Ancient Egyptian Palette (Thanks to Cairo Museum for that).

I usually work in 2000x2000 and sometime 4000x4000 if serious detail is needed. What can I say, I like to stress my wonderful NVidia Powered Publisher system.... LOL BTW: Don't try to load more than 3 4000x4000 at any given time .

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stunning I am so happy to see someone actually put their work to practical useage. very much an inspiration to all those sig makers to get on the ball, spend more than 10 mins on an image and work beyond a little 150 x 500 square.

I'm not up on games for computor, I think I'm so far past that age wise, but I truly would love to work on something like this.

exceptional work!!



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I'm no spring chicken... I remember the moon landings and stuff... ;) MetaVerses are not games as such, they are complete communities and fully immersive and interactive. It's not World of War Craft or IMVU... They are far more advanced then the "Games" Check out http://www.secondlife.com That is were I built this.... but I am a Gridnaught and belong to many different "universes". In fact, I have met many people in those places in the 50's and beyond, but there are a lot of "Tots" and you get to identify them pretty quickly... LOL

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oh my god. this is INCREDIBLE! so you made all the textures on PDN, and assembled them on a build program? this is incredible. Keep it up, id love to see another thing like this.


You should get the Win7 theme for XP. Then get the rest of Win7. Then uninstall XP. Then it'll really look nice. ~ David Atwell

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Nice textures, ive played games and not seen any liek those actually xD.

None are basic, I love it.

And nice that your using it! I used to make some for a game called Priton Tale, a private server, and Id re-skin all my stuff xD

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Yellowman... The shadows and shading were turned off when I took those pictures to post because I wanted them to be clear and I set to "Mid Day" mode for that. Normally there are full environmental elements at work and daylight cycling with the appropriate shadowing and shading, along with sun tint.

Carazon... yes... all done in PDN... and the entire build was done in a Metaverse world. I build many things and have something really "interesting" planned over the next few weeks. Fortunately, it's won't eat my time like the last one.

Benji2... Games often only render 256x256 or 512x512 at best unless they are very advanced and generally that is not the case... most "Games" concentrate on the "Game Play" and their engines are designed for that purpose and not really graphics as a primary component. While the place I built this is much more graphically oriented, it's still not quite there. I believe that the minimum Graphic Card supported would be a 7000 series NVidia with 256 meg+++.

Since I started this post, I have brought up my own Virtual World Simulator Server and linked it into a very large Open Grid. So I'll be experimenting with some different aspects and development toys. I usually build in "Fantasy" type things and occasionally wander into Historical reconstructions. Quite often, I take a break and script (program) for the game environments I tinker in. "Keeps me fresh" LOL....

I am now recreating the previous build (posted in here) to full scale @ 150m long x 100m wide plus external walls. What you see above is a "very" scaled down version to fit the location it was intended for.


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Those are absolutely astonishing! While I am still a serious neophyte, I am dodgedly working through tutorials, hoping one day to be a fraction as good as you and many of the PDN family.


"Listen, or Your Tongue Will Make You Deaf" 

 Native American Proverb



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Thanks Kamala....

Well... I am about 1/2 way done with the reconstruction of the temple. I decided to make it closer to scale of 150m long x 120m wide and this build will also have the described landscaping that Herotrodus described in his journals. Although, I think I am going to cheat a little there and use more available Palms, as I can't seem to locate Doom Palm textures and am not into making a whole set of Tree Textures. Sadly, I have also tried to locate Acacia Tree Textures but without success, and they are even more complicated than the palms. I hate to compromise.

Oh Well... Ces't la vie !

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