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How can I extract images from backgrounds & retain details?

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How can I change a white background into any other color of my choosing without altering the color of some of the other objects within the image, seamlessly? I think of Conditional Hue/saturation but it doesn't work for black/white color. I tried using the plug-in: RGB to CYMK which, when switched to black/white, will retain most of the outline of the objects while removing or making transparent the white background.

So here's the image that I want to extract from the white background: Image Oh yeah, I should mention that I tried using the Magic Wand tool and Feather Effect but it still doesn't come out as seamless as I would've like. Here's how the image looks after I apply the RGB to CYMK effect: Image

I would appreciate anyone's help with this. Thanks.

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Hi KeyLogic,

Sounds like you might need to have a look at the AlphaSpace plugin.

http://www.getpaint.net/search.html is where you will find the forum search tool and the term you want to search is "alphaspace"

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