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Leather texture (EASY + IMAGES)


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


I converted this from a PS tutorial. I thought this was a pretty good for realistic images, and pretty easy, too.

Let's start!

This is what we're trying to achieve:



Open a new canvas at the size of 400x400. Take a light brown color as a primary color and a dark brown color as a secondary color. Run Render->Clouds :Clouds: on a new layer. The basic settings are just fine. Open a new layer, keep the light brown as your primary color, but change the secondary color to an even lighter brown. Run Clouds :Clouds: on your new layer. Now you should have two brownish layers plus the Background layer. Move the lighter layer on top and change the blending mode to Multiply and the opacity 180. Leave the darker one alone for now. Your leather should look a little something like this:


Don't blend these two layers yet!


Click the little checkboxes on the brown layers so you can't see them. Select the Background layer. Fill it with black. Run Noise->Add Noise :AddNoise: with these settings:

Intensity: 100,00

Color Saturation: 0

Coverage: 100,00

After this run Gaussian blur :GaussianBlur: at Radius: 1.

Now, run Motion blur :MotionBlur: with these settings:

Angle: 135,00

Distance: 8

Leave the Centered checkbox checked.

Now, run the Emboss :Emboss: plugin and change the Angle to -135,00.

You're done with the Background layer! It should look like this:



Now that you've done the background, select the dark brown layer. Change the opacity of this layer to 234. Look at your leather.

Does it look like this?


If it does, congratulations! Your leather is now ready!

Flatten(ctrl+shift+F) your image and save!

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Very nice tutorial. Very easy to follow. I'm not sure what I'm going to use this for, but it's always nice to learn new techniques. Thanks. Here's what I came up with.


That's very good, it's almost like the result the PS tutorial had :)

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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Here's my attempt:


I added a bit of a "shine" like you get with polished leather, not sure if it makes it look much better, though...

Anyway, nice tutorial, I don't see many uses for it, but it was still cool. :wink:

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if you have the Film2 plugin, you can get an even better effect. Here are screenshots of my settings, and the results of the plugins use on my attempt (if you need it darker, change the "Discoloration" to 40, or just use the same settings twice :)

Very nice tutorial! I sometimes make clothing for the virtual world of SecondLife...and its nice having a way to make leather textures without having to scan, or search the net :)

Great work!!!



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