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  1. Sorry, wouldn't let me add my attempt. Here it is...
  2. if you have the Film2 plugin, you can get an even better effect. Here are screenshots of my settings, and the results of the plugins use on my attempt (if you need it darker, change the "Discoloration" to 40, or just use the same settings twice Very nice tutorial! I sometimes make clothing for the virtual world of SecondLife...and its nice having a way to make leather textures without having to scan, or search the net Great work!!!
  3. Here is the PhotoShop tutorial. I would of course, have to make a couple changes...such as making it go up instead of down, twisting another vine or two around it...and tje lead offshoots. http://www.lyzrdstomp.com/tutorial_vine/
  4. Pretty much. Of course, I want it to look good... I have seen a photoshop tutorial, but it uses features PDN doesn't have yet (such as perspective, and transforming). Might also be worth it to look into how the proper type of leaves are done...so I can make it look convincing...but still...keep the look of fantasy
  5. I am working on a web template, and I need to know how to manage vine effects. The template is going to have a childrens theme...and I need to know how to make a vine type thing (going to be a Bean Stock, for part of the juvenile theme). Its supposed to grow up the right side of the page. My question is, does anyone know how to do this? and if so, would you be willing to write a tutorial to teach me how?
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a fabric texture? Being a resident of the online world of Second Life, I wish to try making clothing textures. What I need to be able to do, is make any picture look like it is woven into fabric, so that it looks natural. Can anyone help me?
  7. Well, to say I did not have fun with this image, would be a complete lie I made a decent amount of use, of some of the plug-ins (Drop Shadows, Film 2.0, and Seamless Texture Helper). Tell me what you think
  8. I would love to see some of the best tutorials, and plug-ins from these forums, put into a book that can be sold online and in the store (the proceeds of which, could go to support further development of PDN)
  9. Here is the post to my version. Its not exact, but its close enough for me viewtopic.php?f=15&t=22406
  10. I figured it out. I will be posting a tut for it sometime within the next 24 hours. I am taking great care in authoring it
  11. That looks very close! (with the exception of the font). Well, not surprising. This is my first REAL attempt at graphics in any program (other than decrepit old M$ Paint, in which I have had the displeasure of doing gradient images, line by line, pixel shade by pixel shade). On a short note, I finally got a clue, and am looking at this program (which while it may not have the advanced look of PS, or PSP, seems to be just as good (if not better), because for the most part things seem to not be quite as involved. I am also figuring out slowly, the shortcut keys, and methods One of my fav
  12. I found an interesting tutorial for Photoshop, on how to make text like that used on Spider-Man 3 Here is the link: http://photoshopfrenzy.com/?p=71 However, all my attempts to modify the method for use in PDN, have failed. I have searched here for methods of doing chrome, or metallic lettering, and I must admit I have seen some nice effects...I have not seen one that will help me produce this type of effect. I don't know, maybe the proper Plug-Ins don't exist yet? Or maybe I am overlooking something? I cannot pretend to be a genius when it come to computer generated graphics, so that c
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