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  1. Nice sigs in here will be working on one for me soon.. Watch this space!!
  2. MINE: http://hostdino.co.uk/imagehosting/share.php?id=6A1D_4920B8E9
  3. Your first image, how did you get the lines on there?
  4. i have PDN its just i only had it for a week. i got nealy all the plugins installed that i can
  5. i am happy because i am getting better at PDN
  6. Well some day it just might.. If some one codes it write.. ( well is gimp not for linux as well? ) i did install gimp for about 2 mins then it was back off and PDN was installed.. i even had a PS trial and PDN is better that PS in some ways..
  7. Hypo, You are one of the many people i think uses PS for there sigs instead of PDN. Can you PM me on how you make a sig like that or point me to a nice TUT please? Thanks in advance..
  8. I was about to say use the "Red Eye Reduction" but you beat me to it..
  9. So how long have people been using PDN then? I only been using it for 4 days know. I would like to now how you guys make your sigs, like with the WEB 2.0 style. Do you get what I mean? :shock:
  10. Please tell me how you made you sig.. as your work is great..
  11. How long this thread been open.. lolo i just join 1275 lot of posts .. how is every one doing..
  12. i like.. cant wait till i can do this with PDN
  13. how did you make the one in your sig now.. as you are the one of many members on here who i thought used ps.. ( i was a guest on here for 2 days and i finaly signed up..)
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