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Program being used

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Hello, I came across your knowledgeable site from google while I was searching the word's "3d text effect". I came across some images on google and I came across this thread as well. viewtopic.php?t=3866

I want to know what is being used? Photoshop? if so which version? I have adobe master collection cs3 extened.

Do you have a program from Paintdotnet downloadable? This would really give me a boost in my professional life and future. I would love to make such amazing 3d text. I was following some steps from the tutorial but I hit a bump and got stuck at step three because on my toolbar, I could not find the "Draw filled shape" button. I would appreciate your help and be very greatful. Thank you for taking the time for reading this and hope I can get some help.

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Thank you very much kind sir :).

EDIT - Well, I have downloaded the program, I love the way it's so complex. Maybe easy to some but for beginners very difficult. I can use some help with this from start to finish. I would like to ask the following questions.

1- How can I duplicate a layer without have the background follow around.

I choose not to ask anymore right now because the littlest thing's are being a headache for me. I might ask questions once I can figure this out. Anyone think they can help?

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Well, this is a Paint.NET forum, so we usually refer people to Paint.NET tutorials. :-)

Could you rephrase your question? I'm not sure I follow. And if you are having a specific problem with the 3D text tutorial, you should ask it in the thread for that tutorial. Thanks!


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Dave - The time I asked you this question, I had no knowledge in my brain of how to operate the program but I played around and got a good sense. Now following the step's is a real confusion, because when it says "Duplicate the layer and now add your own color", I do that BUT when I pick my own color there is no effect to the change.

Rick - Thank you very much for your link. I appreciate very much sir. I did not get what I was looking for but I found some very intresting and eye catching tutorials.

Edit - To be honest, I think it would be a lot more helpful if someone created a youtube tutorial explaining all the steps, from opening a blank document. Because there are some steps in the link I posted above where some steps might've been skipped. Any takers?

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