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Quintessential Plugin Pack?

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Hello, Folks!

I'm wondering if there's a plug-in pack for Paint.NET that seems to have the more "essential" or "must have" plug-ins. I mean, is there something that where someone has gone through the list of plug-ins and removed the ones that seems to duplicate functions? I ended up downloading a few plug-in packs and found that I had 3 or 4 duplicates of the Flip and Rotate functions on top of what comes built-in to Paint.NET. I don't mean to sound facetious but do we really need to keep re-inventing the wheel?

If there were a list of plug-ins "approved" by the original author and call it the Brewster Pack I'm sure that would be cool. This would certainly simplify things for the end users of PDN.

...Just my 2¢

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If you are looking for a 'quintessential' pack, then you find the plugins/packs stuck to the Plugins Forum right up your alley.

Although with this you could miss out on a few effects that are not pinned, yet could be quite essential to you work. Therefore, I suggest you take the time to look through all the plugins first and see what takes your fancy for the type of work you undertake. This way you don't have to download everything - if that is what you're trying to avoid - but you do download the necessary plugins. With the plugin packs, once unzipped, you can pick and choose which ones you want to install.

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I err, don't mean to belly out my plugin pack but I consider those to be my top six most used plugins, simply because I wrote them whenever I found myself repeating the tasks those plugins simulate quite frequently.

Perhaps what I do consider to be the most important package of plugins would be BoltBait's plugin pack. Tools like Feather make image editing so much easier to use.


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