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Explosion/super nova/something...


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Hi! This is a tut for making... well I'm not really sure what it is so... but it will hopefully let all of you make something like this:


This is my first tut so probably not the best, but hope you like it :) Should be a pretty easy one. Now let's get started!

For this tutorial you will be using:

Mandelbrot Fractal

Zoom Blur Deluxe

Jitter (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5435)

Seamless Texture Maker (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5334&hilit=seamless+texture+maker)

1. Start by opening a new project :FileNew: and set the size to 1280x800 (It does'nt have to be that size, it's just what I used. But remember that the result may be different with another size.) Fill it with black :PaintBucketTool:

2.Now add a new layer :AddNewLayer: and use the Mandelbrot Fractal at default settings. Now you have this:


3. To get it to the centre of the image use the Seamless Texture Maker at default settings.

4. Now use the Jitter effect with amount 210 and the rest at default. Like this:


Then you use the Zoom Blur Deluxe :ZoomBlur: at high quality and an amount of about 6. Like this:


Now all you have to do is merge :MergeDown: the layers and your done!


Hope you all liked this short tut and maybe you'll find out what it looks like :wink:

Please comment and show your result, and tell me if there is something wrong or if you have some ideas to make it better.

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Heyy Thanks For The Tut i found it GREAT But i added my own touch

i added a colour wheel to the background

Good work, welcome to the forums, but you should upload the image to either a private domain, if you have one, or photoshop, tinypic, imageshack, and other such sites. It's better not to put it in attachments.


Changed the text in the signature yay!

PDN gallery!

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