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  1. Agony

    GB Cross

    thanks for posting your comment.
  2. Yes, thank you very much. I just rite now realized that. I read the rulse rite before you posted this. I will put pictures I have together now and keep it up to date. Thank you once again.
  3. The name doesn't mean it has a peace sign in it. I just say its the peace circle because its colorful and has sentimental value to it. Comments and questions are welcome.
  4. This tut came out really cool. I printed the picture and cut it out, and my friend thought it was real.
  5. Great effect man! Maybe you will soon go on into even better explosions.
  6. Nice chose of coloring for the elipse part. Everyone who attempted it, did a great job.
  7. I personally like the explosion, quit amazing how you did that.
  8. Agony

    GB Cross

    This is a Cross made by me Agony. Comments and questions are welcome, but if your going to talk smack about my Cross please instead of that tell me what I can do better.
  9. Theres my exploding planet. I'm aproffesional at normal paint, and getting there with pdn.
  10. Great tut man. I'm new to pdn, just barley started with this one. Here my go at it.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to all the plugin stuff.I downloaded most of the plugins needed for most image results. I donwloaded them and I don't know where they are to be put. I just downloaded them hoping the would be placed correctly on its own, then I went to pdn and it wasn't there. May anyone explain the problem please? Thank you.
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