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Blending pictures into each other

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Hi experts,


please forgive this very basic question of an occasional user, and maybe I could have found the answer myself somewhere.


I have two pictures (see attached file), on two layers. I used the magic wand to cut out the tomato, and then moved it over the background. You see the jagged edges. The original picture was anti-aliased, so the wand had difficulties finding exact edges. I played with the magic wand settings, and you see the best result I achieved, but it is far from perfect.


How can I achieve a smoother blending of the edges?


Thnx, Armin.


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6 hours ago, Nimral said:

How can I achieve a smoother blending of the edges?


You could also just go to Remove Background and get rid of the background first, then you can clean it up more with feather :)

Also, another Plugin called AA'S Assistant is good for sharpening images.

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Many thanks to you for your valuable advice!


I tried Remove Background, and it did work very well with the sample I gave you as well as others, which were more difficult to separate. Great tool, but I don't like tools which require online connections all time. A plugin doing the same would be really great.


I'll check out your other suggestions now.


Thnx, Armin.

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As I have said, you can also use Paint 3D which comes for free on your PC, and watch this YouTube video on how to use it.



There will always be a workaround until someone smarter than me can program a plug-in that automate the process of extracting foreground object from the background.


There is also a feature inside G'Mic that also has this ability, but I personally use it as I find it incredibly finicky to use.

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