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Wishing for a Parallel Lines Tool

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Wishing for a parallel lines tool, where I could select something like the line/curve tool, set my widths for the lines and the distance the lines should be apart, and then... draw. 


I can get there, sorta, by drawing a single line, copying and pasting it, and then nudging it into place next to the first line, but it doesn't always work. 

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Use ToeHead's Graph Paper, and when running the plug-in, change from standard to isometric graph type, tweak with cell size, etc, and then get to work. Make sure you run the plug-in on a new, blank layer, and create new lines on new layer using the graph paper's layer as guide. I have personally done this and it works.


Edit: Here's a couple of hint. To precisely line up the line with grid, hold the shift key and the line will precisely follow the angle of the grid. Second, if you want thinner line, turn off anti-aliasing on the tool bar

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10 hours ago, Pixey said:

Hi @Marilynx and there is also this Plugin:


Again, this is very cool, and I will play with it, but not quite what I am attempting to do. I am creating a map of a hexagonal building with "Rings" A-K. Each face has two corridors from A-K and two corridors from F-K. Each Ring has a central corridor with offices, etc. on either side of the corridor. It's beastly difficult to get all these hexagons lined up and the same distance apart.



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8 minutes ago, Marilynx said:


Well, this is screwy. I DL those two and followed the directions for copying into the File Types and Effects folders (while PDN was closed), then reopened it, and they don't show up. Must have done something wrong.



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