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Selecting one colour at one time?

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without seeing the picture I'm not sure the best method. there are several ways of doing it.

if you use the magic wand and hold down the shift key and clik on the black you may get all of it. This type of step could involve adjusting the tolerance level a bit down wards.

or there is a plug in called color to alpha that has a reverse (invert alpha function) that should also work.


I've also used a few times one by BoltBait strip primary color

depends on the picture but one of these three should help you out. Or at least get the number down to a managable level where you do them manually.

best bet post a link to the picture and describe exactly what you want to do.

edit depending on the picture another method could be to use the black and white under adjustment and then brightness and contrast

this may limit the areas.


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as Ash said in the pictorium viewforum.php?f=26

read those rules at the top . you are allowed one pictorium gallery to post your items to. generally everyone sticks to this program made items with in the pictorium... its Paint.net after all :wink: , but most of us also have DA accounts (check the bottom of peoples sigs there's ususally link) for other art made outside this program by the person.



PS clik the links under my sig.

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