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  1. Or Ctrl+D, if you were using a Ctrl+X/C/V-shortcut recently
  2. Ah, I didn't know the comments were disabled on older posts, thanks
  3. Really, I can't figure out how to post a comment on the blog. Can someone please show me how I do this?
  4. I already found an issue with the Rectangle Mask: When I select one piece of a picture, and make it smaller, the selection is horribly pixeled. In the previous version, Anti-Aliasing always made the edges smooth, but now...
  5. Cool I just downloaded the new version, and dropped my jaw when PDN opened again Paint.NET with added Awesome!
  6. I still use SP2, because I don't know where to get a CD of it, and because my Internet connection is way too slow to download it. (14 kb/s download)
  7. Is there a function in Paint.NET, which can text make curved?
  8. Can I apply one effect to multiple pictures in one step? Like for example, the Black and White-Effect? I have many pictures opened in PDN now, but I don't want to spend over 15 minutes for these pictures. I simply want to make them all black and white.
  9. I can't see the images in your tutorial. Can you re-upload them please?
  10. No, it was WAY simpler. I just used the "Flames"-Plugin.
  11. I made a gallery: Samus' PDN Pictures And click my sig to go to my DA Page. You won't find many pics made with PDN, because my Internet-Access is way too slow to upload bigger pictures than 800x600. (Maximum 20 kb/s :shock: )
  12. My first picture is a Desktop BG for 800x600 resolution. The only parts I copied are the parts of the SSBB-Logo. But I also edited the logo parts. The BG is 100% made wit PDN. The next pic will be a larger version of this. Thumbnail displayed(I hope). Note: The Thumbnail is no part of the picture. Samus
  13. Are fanmade pictures belonging to games allowed? Eg. SSBB?
  14. Where can I make a gallery? Or is a gallery meant to be on another site, eg. DA?
  15. :shock: This Shift+Click-Trick is awesome. :shock: Thanks a lot! Samus
  16. I am currently making a black-and-white-imag in PDN, but the black fields are all over the picture, so my question is: Is there a plugin that allows me to select ALL fields of ONE specific colour at one time? Something like "Magic Wand+"? Samus
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