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Feature request: expanding selection area with ctrl+arrows

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I often take a screenshot of something and then use Paint.NET to crop it. But to be precise I have to carefully move the mouse to an edge before cropping. I would like to be able to adjust the square selection area using the keyboard by 1 pixel at a time. Perhaps this already exists in a similar form, but not exactly what I want.

I would like to hit ctrl+up to just move the top side up while leaving the bottom side where it is. Simply using the arrow keys could move all sides equally. This way I can highlight the square region without being completely accurate and then use ctrl+arrows to precisely select the region before cropping.

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Try this with your area selected (you know, with the marching ants border around your selection):

    Click on the Move Selection tool :MoveSelectionTool: (or hit M key)
    Move the pointer over the nub on the side you want to move (the pointer turns into an open hand :PanTool: )
    Hold down the left mouse key (the hand clenches into a fist)
    Now move just that side with the arrow keys, one pixel at a time.

Is that what you wanted?

Welcome to the forum!

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Ha, you beat me to it :)

It's the time zone, Christchurch is two hours ahead of Sydney :wink:

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