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Resize the "Colors" window

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I've tried looking on the forum, on the internet, and through the plugins. 
Is there any way to increase the size of the "Colors" popup window? I'm having a hard time seeing the color preview squares and even the colors in the palettes. You can resize other popup windows (like layers) but not Colors. 

And I know that you can "upscale" Windows itself to make things bigger but I don't want to affect all of my computer. I already use options to display larger font. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm excited to use Paint.net and I think it will be good for pixel art, assuming I can get over this problem of having to strain my eyes to see the color selections. 

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Another possibility is to work with an expanded canvas.

On the base layer place an enlarged palette of whatever colors you might wish to choose from.

From any layer you may be working on you can access those colors

using the Color Picker tool with the Ctrl key held down.
(Color Picker tool shortcut key: K )

The Color Picker tool offers an option to automatically

return to the previous tool after picking a color.


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