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Stutter Mouse Clicker Button Plugin Request

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Good day;

I scan and cleanup vintage owners manuals and electronic schematics. During the cleanup process I use the Paintbrush Tool to "white-out" background junk. As I am cruising along, painting out like crazy, I make a mistake and white-out something that needs to remain. 

I try to remind myself to let up off of the mouse button even couple of seconds and restart the painting function so when I make the mistake I can Undo the last mistake and save most of the whiting-out work I've performed. But I get carried away.


Can you smart people write an add-in tool with a user settable timer that would automatically cycle the mouse button on, off and right back on again - repeat?

I have already thought of the name for the tool: Stutter Mouse Clicker.

I see this thing set for around five seconds when working on large cleanup areas and down to one second when performing detailed cleanup.

Make sense?

Thanks for reading.

Attached is a cleaned up example of the stuff I fool around with. Capstan Motor Schematic - Transistor Speed Select PDF.pdf

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Thanks for the replies!

Mr. Bolt Bait - the master behind the coolest Plugin Pack on the planet says it can't be done; it can't be done!

Mr. Otuncelli - that's one cool looking piece of program. I'll try that for sure. Do you think it would be able to help the example below? About an hour of work. Amazing if it would be a click to fix!

Below is an actual example of what I fool around with. The previous example in the original post was actually a 100% complete redraw of a terrible original.





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@Retired HVAC


Do all of your white painting on a new transparent layer above the document image layer.

That way if you paint over something that you want left untouched

you can simply erase the offending bit rather than using Undo.


If you set the Paintbrush tool blending mode to Overwrite, and the Secondary color to zero Opacity,

the Paintbrush tool will function as an eraser by using the right mouse button.

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