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This...this isn't finished

Instead of using a paintbrush to colour in the drawing, why not outline it with the line tool :LineCurveTool: on a new layer, and fill it :PaintBucketTool: in with a tolerance of about 65-70%. It would look much better. :wink:

Merry Christmas


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I really like the first texture, did you use fractals? If you change it to green it will look like moss or if you use different colors, you can make that picture of flowers or something. LOVE IT!!

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no,i did'nt use fractals...

used plugins: bricks,splinter blur,fire

1)create new layer,fill it to orange,use the brick plugin(orange),and flatten,no flatten - no effect

2)use the fire plugin

3)use the splinter blur plugin (Number of splinters - 7;Distance - 28; rotation - 12 )

blend mode is lighten,no lighten - no effect

you can also see a exe-video tutorial(free "screen to exe" program),but it have a little problem with ui,you will understand...URL of my video tutorial (2mb,high resolution): http://narod.ru/disk/2972937000/fire_effect.exe.html - here exe video,you may download it and see

To download - enter numerial in the box and press green button

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