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Request: Selection AA

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I think he means that when making a selection, for example a circular selection, then the selection should be :AntiAliasingOn: not :AntiAliasingOff: . BmB23, this isn't possible because Paint.NET is a bitmap editor, not a vector one, and that means that every image is made up of a number of pixels. Pixels are square, so if you think about making a circular selection in squares, it isn't really possible. A workaround is to use Feather, Basic Anti-alias, or Anti-alias plugin (they can be found with search easily) to make something :AntiAliasingOn: . Hope that helped too.

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LFC4EVER, soft-selection isn't dependent on vector vs. raster editing. It isn't currently possible because of the way Paint.NET is written, not because it isn't a vector editor.

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LFC4EVER, whilst what you said is true, it doesn't really apply here.

Think of what anti-aliasing is: pixels around the edge of a line that intermediates colours according to where it crosses them*. That intermediation is done by gradual adjustment of alpha values of those edging pixels. Now, anti-aliased selection follows the same principle in that the edgewise pixels' alpha values are adjusted for gradation, giving the selection a natural-looking edge against the surrounding pixels.

Basically, the edging pixels of the selection are made transparent. This can be adjusted like the tolerance can for selection by Magic Wand, or fill by Fill Bucket.

It does not matter whether the graphic application is bitmap or vector savvy.

Rick, I believe, has commented on this before. I cannot remember what he said on the matter, though, nor find it via Search. It might be safe to assume such a selection won't arrive until sometime v4.xx, the latter-most of 3.xx if any sooner. Don't take my word for it, you all know what I'm like when it comes to assumptions...

*many thanks Dictionary.com. You should have seen my first draft at explaining AA.

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