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YinYang'21 Binarization


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Hi @Zoubi welcome to the forum :)


For those wondering, this plugin is found in the Effects menu (no sub-menu). It has no configurable parameters so no dialog is shown when its run.


I'm bothered the settings overwrite the original document. How do I turn them off? 

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I agree, this algorithm is excellent, but...

Like @Ego Eram Reputo says above, we should have an option to turn off the settings overwriting the resulting image. If we do, then I'll have much use for this plugin.

It would also be nice if it could be placed in one of the Effects submenus.


For those wondering what we're bothered about, look at the green text top left corner of this:




One way around is to increase the canvas size to the left (or top) before running the plugin and and then crop.

It's OK for the odd job but not if one has a lor of images to go through.


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... в некоторых случаях даче удаляет записи карандашом.
Остальные чёрные пятна можно затереть Белой кистью
deletes entries with a pencil
The remaining black spots can be wiped off with a white brush


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