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"Pulling" an image/selection effect?

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I'm looking for an effect where I can pull an image or selection of currently existing pixels.


Not sure if it has a name, so imagine I have this picture: (lines are guidelines).


The image it self is 512x512.

The cube has a texture in it, and it has the the curvature of the red line.

I want to pull it down so it would end up having a curvature like the blue line.



If that make sense?


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Hello @Hodor and Welcome to the forum :)


I would try Liquify first for this:


Also, you could try Bulge (found in Distort) and then you can cut off the top bulge to retain a flat top.




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You could try Grid WarpGravity, or Paste Warp+. The second two will leave the vertical lines vertical, which may not be what you want.


If you use Grid Warp, place the image to be transformed on a large canvas, surrounded by transparency (perhaps about 2000 wide). Use a 2x3 grid size, and pull down the center nodes, above and below the image to be transformed. When you do that, you'll see the reason for the wide canvas. The part of the distortion you want will be in the center. Move the edge nodes to adjust the distortion.


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