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  1. @Red ochre oh cool. @Ego Eram Reputo yeah I'm aware of that. I just tend to use as few .exe as possible, and moving a .dll is an easy alternative usually.
  2. nice, so many solutions! @lynxster4 - @ardneh solution was also acceptable, but yes yours looks better for my case hehe. I'll try the edge shader! @Red ochre - looks a bit complex (so many layers and shapes) xd also, why do you have that "squirkle" / blue circle layer? @Ego Eram Reputo - I liked the fitting idea, nice! Also cool plugin, but looks like it doesn't have a zip so I'll do without. Still a great idea! And thanks everyone for the help
  3. Is there a way I can either (a) scale by a specific point, or (b) scale only horizontally or only vertically, but from the center?
  4. @ardneh not exactly the solution I was looking for, but it works so I'll take it. Thanks :)
  5. I am trying to create a tileable pipes for a game - just basic ones, nothing too fancy. I started by creating few horizontal pieces (which can just be rotated for vertical), such as this one: (used as a middle) As you can see, the filling is just a simple white-gray linear gradient from bottom to top, with repeat reflected, and a bit of cutting. Stacking them: I'm now trying to create a turn-pipe, so a pipe can continue from horizontal to vertical direction. I have this shape: but I'm not sure how to fill it in a curved way, so when placing them together it will like a fluid one. Shape: Example fill (bad way):
  6. I wasn't aware about the Texture Smoother; I'll try that it then. Thanks!
  7. @MJW well looks like you already found the bug, but just to answer your question anyway about the exact steps between rounder and shading - it was only the rotation. That is: 1. Rotate to make the object vertical 2. Run Texture Object Rounder 3. Rotate to make the object horizontal 4. Run "shading" (texture shader) I'm also not familiar with the Texture Merger (or another way to rotate without the Rotate/Zoom), so I'll be waiting for this here. And thanks for checking the problem and helping btw! :)
  8. @Pixey I tried playing with the various settings actually; the only way to remove those 3 lines seems to be the mapping mode; but the others make the actual result look worse. @MJW I tried doing it multiple times actually, still the same thing. Also, looking at the result after the Texture Object Rounder and before the Texture Shader, it looks fine. I think, anyway. Regarding the scale: it doesn't really look good with scale that high, like 304 or even 255. I used scale of around 78. But with either scale those lines still show up. Regarding antialiasing: that actually solved the white border thing, like Pixey mentioned - although without using another plugin, so cool thing ^^
  9. @Pixey thanks! I used your texture and then realized it doesn't look the same too though. Played with the settings enough to understand how to make it look like yours, which made me understand how to make mine look better! I now got this: There are 2 things that are still an issue though: 1. You can see there is some white pixels around the border in some areas. how do I get rid of them? 2. there are 3 weird lines in the back of the barrel; where did they come from? how do I get rid of them too? p.s. The barrel size is fine for me because I'm using it in a game and can tile it, so the barrel is going to be game-editor-adjustable anyway :) p.s.2 I knew that 80 degrees was meant to be 90 degrees hehe, no worries. Thanks for fixing that too anyway though
  10. @Pixey thanks for the tips! I tried to follow it, but the last step seems to be different for me. What kind of metal texture you used? This is my image after texture object rounder, before using the texture: Image_before This is my metal texture I got: metal_texture This is what happens after I use it, with the "Reflection Map (Equirectangular)" setting: result
  11. I found this picture online: And wondering how I can recreate something like that? specifically, I'm only looking for the metal pole head and a bit of the pole it self - not the electric stuff. I tried using Shape3D plugin to create the head, and got something like that: which is still missing something, but even if so - I'm not sure how to add the pole it self and the "connector" thing (little donut shape thing, don't know how it's named) in a way that would look connected, and not be completely different texture. Any tips?
  12. Thank you both for all the suggestions. Didn't know there were so many great options I'll try them all!
  13. I'm looking for an effect where I can pull an image or selection of currently existing pixels. Not sure if it has a name, so imagine I have this picture: (lines are guidelines). The image it self is 512x512. The cube has a texture in it, and it has the the curvature of the red line. I want to pull it down so it would end up having a curvature like the blue line. If that make sense?
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