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Mercator to Globe to Winkel-Tripel?

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If I have a Mercator Projection Map , I can use Shape 3D to create a nice globe -- and rotate it, and so forth.


Is there a way to then take that globe and "unfold" it into a Wintel-Tripel type flat map?


(The Winkel Tripel projection is a modified azmiuthal projection. This is, in essence, a globe that is projected onto a flat surface giving it curved lines of latitude and curved meridians. The projection, by Oswald Winkel in 1921 was developed with the goal of minimizing the three kinds of distortion: area, direction and distance. Thus it became the Tripel Projection (German for triple). The projection is neither equal-area nor conformal, its main feature is that all of the parallels are curved except for the straight poles and equator. This gives a lovely spherical feeling to this two dimensional map.   https://futuremaps.com/blogs/news/top-10-world-map-projections)





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Hi @Marilynx

When you first create your map with Shape 3d you are selecting a full sphere map to get the globe effect.

Do it again but select half sphere map. Press OK, use magic wand to select a blank area, invert selection, then drag each corner nub to the edge of the canvas to get to the closest you're gonna get to the Winkel Tripel projection.

Hope this works for you. :)






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I tried it out using the Mercator from the site you linked to.


Expand the canvas, then fill in the extra space with ocean, draw in the latitude and longitude lines.

Run Shape 3D Half Map.


Selection stretch the sides and selection compress the top and bottom.





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