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Plugin request - Alpha Mask WP

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This would be modeled after @illnab1024's Alpha Mask Import plugin, but leaner and more targeted.


Mask loaded from clipboard only.

In the mask layer alpha and white would be treated the same.


By default the dark parts of the mask would reduce opacity in the work layer.


White and alpha in the mask would leave opacity unaffected in the work layer.


No filling/replacing alpha in the work layer.


Ideally would appear directly in the Effects menu, not in a sub-menu.


If anyone is willing to take on the project it will be greatly appreciated.🙂

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I suggest you learn enough to write the plugin yourself using CodeLab. It wouldn't be difficult to write, but speaking for myself as a plugin writer, I have more interesting things to do than write special plugins to save someone a few key clicks.


If you decide to try to write the plugin yourself, the only tricky part is handling the clipboard image. If you ask in Plugin Developer's Central, I and others will be happy to help, including providing sample code

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15 hours ago, MJW said:


To me, that's like a surgeon saying, "Have you tried a hatchet?"

You could be right @MJW Just saying, it works for me.

Was doing a tutorial by @welshblue last year. Pdn was playing up and 'Paste Alpha wouldn't load.

I used 'magic wand' and 'Delete' got the same result.

As I said in previous post, No offence meant.🙃


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