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You don't need to highlight the text. When you change the font, Bold/Italics/Underline, font size etc., Paint.NET automatically changes the entire text box. Keep in mind, once you deselect text, you cannot go back to edit it anymore.

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sounds like they have an image that already has text on it
...in which case, there is nothing you can do in terms of 'highlighting' it. You see, a document's text rely on vector capabilities, of which Paint.NET does not do in any shape or form - we are a raster editor instead.

If the case is true, then you might have to Clone Stamp ( :CloneStamp: ) the current text out of the image, then retype the desired text on a new layer in the style, font, etc. you need. Once you've typed it and are happy with it, merge the text layer down into the image (Layers menu > Merge Layer Down) and save.

Now, for saving, what some users do is to save the layered version of their project as one copy (in Paint.NET's native format, PDN), and another as a flattened copy to view, distribute, whatever at will (PNG, JPG, BMP are the most commonly used formats for this). This is purely optional, and completely up to you, so long as you do have a flattened copy somewhere, you'll be able to use the photograph as you have before.

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I believe you need to use the lasso tool and trace around it. That is the only way I know of highlighting text on a pic.


Can you explain this o_O`?

The Lasso tool is the second one down on the left side of the tool bar. used for tracing or freehand work. Im sure you already knew this. I was thinking that the person could just trace over the text with this tool, cut it out and move it to another canvas to edit. just a thought as I do not do photo editing just drawings using paint.net.


I am new to Paint.Net and want to thank everyone for helping Me.


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