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  1. Can you explain this o_O`? The Lasso tool is the second one down on the left side of the tool bar. used for tracing or freehand work. Im sure you already knew this. I was thinking that the person could just trace over the text with this tool, cut it out and move it to another canvas to edit. just a thought as I do not do photo editing just drawings using paint.net. peorge
  2. Copyright © 2008 HTML Code Browser View HTML Code Browser View HTML Code Browser View HTML Code Browser View HTML Code Browser View © © ! ! _ _ Û Û ® ® " " ` ` ž Ü Ü # # a a Ÿ Ý Ý " " $ $ b b Þ Þ & & % % c c ¡ ¡ ß ß < < & & d d ¢ ¢ à à > > ' ' e e £ £ á á À À ( ( f f ¤ ¤ â â Á Á ) ) g g ¥ ¥ ã ã   * * h h ¦ ¦ ä ä à à + + i i § § å å Ä Ä , , j j ¨ ¨ æ æ Å Å - - k k © © ç ç Æ Æ . . l l ª ª è è Ç Ç / / m m « « é é È È 0 0 n n ¬ ¬ ê ê É É 1 1 o o ­ ­ ë ë Ê Ê 2 2 p p ® ® ì ì Ë Ë 3 3 q q ¯ ¯ í í Ì Ì 4 4 r r ° ° î î Í Í 5 5 s s ± ± ï ï Î Î 6 6 t t ² ² ð ð Ï Ï 7 7 u u ³ ³ ñ ñ Ð Ð 8 8 v v ´ ´ ò ò Ñ Ñ 9 9 w w µ µ ó ó Õ Õ : : x x ¶ ¶ ô ô Ö Ö ; ; y y · · õ õ Ø Ø < < z z ¸ ¸ ö ö Ù Ù = = { { ¹ ¹ ÷ ÷ Ú Ú > > | | º º ø ø Û Û ? ? } } » » ù ù Ü Ü @ @ ~ ~ ¼ ¼ ú ú Ý Ý A A ? ½ ½ û û Þ Þ B B € ¾ ¾ ü ü ß ß C C ¿ ¿ ý ý à à D D ‚ À À þ þ á á E E ƒ Á Á ÿ ÿ å å F F „   æ æ G G … à à ç ç H H † Ä Ä è è I I ‡ Å Å é é J J ˆ Æ Æ ê ê K K ‰ Ç Ç ë ë L L Š È È ì ì M M ‹ É É í í N N Œ Ê ? î î O O Ë Ë ï ï P P Ž Ì Ì ð ð Q Q Í Í ñ ñ R R Î Î ò ò S S ‘ Ï Ï ó ó T T ’ Ð Ð ô ô U U “ Ñ Ñ õ õ V V ” Ò Ò ö ö W W • Ó Ó ø ø X X – Ô Ô ù ù Y Y — Õ Õ ú ú Z Z ˜ Ö Ö û û [ [ ™ × × ý ý \ \ š Ø Ø þ þ ] ] › Ù Ù ÿ ÿ ^ ^ œ Ú Ú http://www.web-source.net/symbols.htm Peorge
  3. I believe you need to use the lasso tool and trace around it. That is the only way I know of highlighting text on a pic. Peorge
  4. peorge


    Ash I have been trying to make the flame like yours and I always end up with a black background next to the flames. I have tried making my 2nd color transparent and still I get a black box with flames inside of it. could you tell me how to make the flames with no background. Thank you, Peorge
  5. This is great information. Thank you all for helping out. I hope to be working on this soon and hope I can give a little back by making a plugin. Peorge
  6. What language do you use to make plugins? Also is there a guide for people new to developing plugins. I would like to create some plugins but the only programming I am somewhat good at is VB. Thanks, Peorge
  7. Nice I like the idea of your Mother and Daughter. The pixel art is cool, I have not tried any of that yet. I am with you on the addiction. LOL I look forward to seeing more. Peorge
  8. peorge


    Any chance we might see a tut for the burning wood? Great job as always! I can't get over how real the effect looks. Peorge
  9. I really like the city zone pic. The rest is good as well but the city zone is my favorite. Peorge
  10. Well I guess I just wont bother then. My site sells nothing and recieves no money, it is just for people to get free pics, textures and info on different drawing programs. I wanted to destribute paint.net from my site simply because I am making this site for people to use and enjoy and not as a link site. I mentioned in the first post that I would give credit to those who created the plug-ins and who developed paint.net but I am not going to go as far as contacting each and every person. I currently have one link to paint and will just leave it at that. Thanks for responding. Peorge
  11. Am I allowed to add a copy of paint.net on my website for people to D/L? I also wanted to collect all of the plug-ins and zip them into one file for easy D/L. I would include a txt file with the names of each plug-in and who made them along with any read me files associated with each plug-in. I currently just have a link to paint.net but would like to add the above if it is ok with the "people in charge". I will not add any of this until given approval. Peorge
  12. Nice Work. Hope to see lots more. Peorge
  13. Your work is very nice. I really love your avatar, do you have a tutprial on making that type of effect? Peorge
  14. I was just looking at your work and I must say that I like it very much. I hope to see more soon. Peorge
  15. I was just messing around trying to make an Orb and this is what I came up with.
  16. Thank you sarge, I will be making more, lots more! I am just getting started. For my next project I want to get away from water and sky and try more of an object oriented Painting. By the way that was my first time doing grass and imo it came out pretty good. peorge
  17. May I ask if the sunken ship in the underwater picture is done with pdn. If it was can you make a tut on it. I just have to say again that your work is the best I have seen by far. Only can say WOW! peorge
  18. Thank You TheNathanielConverse, I wanted to add a ship or something but I want all of my art to be 100% Paint.net. I am not that skilled with this program yet. I hope in the next few months to be able to do something like that. Thank you for the nice comment. By the way I think your work is fantastic! Peorge
  19. Thank you very much Kat. This program is just so addicting I can't pull myself away. Peorge
  20. What do you think? I used the following effect's... ..Water Reflection ..Clouds ..Gaussian Blur ..Motion Blur ..Sharpen ..Soften Portrait ..Frosted Glass ..Noise ..Jitter ..Dents ..Feather Most of you could have done this with half of these effects I'm sure but part of my reason for using so many was just to get familiar with all of the possibilities the plugins have. If people think this is well done would the Moderators mind me doing a tutorial on it?
  21. I am very new here and want to know if it is ok to post a link on my thread to my own website. The website is for PDN and also has other 3D and game building programs with tutorials and free texture down loads. I also showcase my own work created with various graphic programs. The site has no ads or fee's of any kind, it is just a free site for people like me that love 2D and 3D graphics. Thank You, Peorge
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