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Newbie question

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After a decade of slinging a paintbrush and hammer, I am new to design software, and am wondering if Paint.net can suit my needs. I run a contracting company, and I basically would like to be able to take a picture of people's homes and be able to do a color mockup to show clients how different paint colors will look on their homes. I spent some time exploring Paint.net, and maybe I'm missing something, but couldn't find a way to easily select rhombus shapes. My idea is to then be able to change the colors within the rhombuses, or even paste in images of different siding.  Any help and input is much appreciated!

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Greetings uhoh429,


There is a Shapes Tool, and shapes plugins as well as custom shape making plugins.
Here is a link from the Paint.NET forum with some nfo:

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Here's a litle tut on the Conditional Hue & Saturation plugin. With it you may not even have to select any rhombuses




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