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a Problem with Ink Sketch Effect

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So I have an image in Paint.net that is just textures on transparent background, and I wanted it to look like an ink sketch (you know, the outlines and all) but when I use the effect, it fills the transparent places all black. All I need is for the ink sketch effect to leave those transparent places untouched.

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The reason for the edit is to give a little more detail about what I want the output to be.
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Hello @Just Another User and Welcome :)


Why don't you try merging the texture (with the transparent background) onto a white layer and flatten.  Then try Ink sketch again :)


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11 hours ago, welshblue said:

Alternatively - and this all depends on the textures mentioned - you could use the magic wand >>> click on a transparent part >>> Ctrl + I to invert the selection >>> Run Ink Sketch


Or, instead, use BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin. (I try to use the Magic Wand as seldom as possible for this kind of thing.)


Though it's hard to tell the best plan without seeing the image you want to modify, one approach is:

Copy the image to the clipboard.

Add a white layer underneath.

Merge down, so your original image is now on a white background instead of transparent.

Run Ink Sketch.

Run Paste Alpha, with the Alpha Source set to Clipboard alpha.


EDIT: Though HyReZ's suggestion of using Ink Sketch+ is probably the best way to go.

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