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How to adjust the space between multi-line text?

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It seems impossible to adjust the space between multi-line text, is there anyway I can do it?

And , I find once the text is entered and text area loses focus, the text cannot be selected and modified again, even the image cotains multi-layer. Is there any approach I can overcome this weakness?

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Hello, Sleeper, and welcome to the forums!

At this moment, Paint.NET regrettably does not support a re-editable text tool. I believe Rick Brewster has planned to implement this function in version 4.0. The best you can do is type your text in a new layer and re-type text as needed. The same holds true for the space between lines of text. However, after you type one line of text, you can deselect the text tool (Ctrl + D) and start a new line of text that can be positioned to your liking.

I hope that this information has been helpful. :wink:

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Align Object plugin


Panelling Effect Plugin

Type the each line of text on different layer, use Align Object so they all align to the top or top left...

Use Panelling effect (panalling down), use it once for the 2nd line, use it twice for the 3rd line, 3 times for the 4th...and so on.

All lines of text are even now. Merge all layers.

Remember! each line on it's own layer!


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