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Automatic Alignment

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Hello, I have looked for an answer in the Forum but couldn´t find any.  My question:


If I scan an item, is there a possibility to align it automatically? If so, what have I to do, I cannot find anything in the tools!


Thank you for your efforts. Kind Regards,


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Dear Welshblue,

thank you for your efforts in helping to answer my question. From your first link  I downloaded a .zip file, unpacked it as “Align Object.dll” but I don´t know how to proceed – it seems it is not integrated in paint.net

The other links don´t suit at all to my "problem". I look for a solution for:

I scan a photo and then it is not rectangularly pictured. I have to align it with a paint-tool (symbol of little flag) manually but I search an automatical rectangular alignment. 

Could I make myself understood?

Thank you in advance. Kind Regards,


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Thanks for your replies. Manually I do know how to align a scanned item - I look for an automatic alignment. But as you wrote, this is only manually possible. This I really do regret because it takes a lot of time if you have to scan and align hundreds of items.

Kind Regards,


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