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"Swoop" under text?

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You could try Paste Warp+. For this case, you'd want to set the Horizontal Distortion to 0.0.


Type the text with the Text tool. Best to type the text on a transparent background.

In another layer, create the region you want to make the text follow. I suggest using the Line/Curve tool to draw the outside outline. Make sure it's a closed curve -- no breaks.

Use a Rectangle Select to select the text (or perhaps, select the text background with the Magic Wand at a very low tolerance, then invert the selection).

Select the interior of the "swoop" region with the Magic Wand.

(Probably in a new layer) Run Paste Warp+. As mentioned, set the Horizontal Distortion to 0.


It helps to work at a fairly large scale, so that the results are smoother. Using Antiaiiasing in Paste Warp+ may also help, though part of the problem is that Macic Wand selections aren't antialiased.

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Another method, which I tried, and found works really well for this case, is to use pyrochild's Grid Warp. Set the number of  horizontal grids to 1, and the number of vertical to grids to something that fits the height of the text, while leaving it in a singe grid cell. Then just move the left and right nodes around. You could try using more horizontal grids to give more control, though it also make it a little harder to keep the text spacing and orientation correct.

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