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.GIF photo background removal and pixelation issues

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I am new to this paint.net program, however I have used it a handful of times without this issue. I am creating a document for the company I work for and need this picture to look good without a background and crisp. First I create the assembly in Inventor then render it at a high lighting and material accuracy then take a snip it using the windows snipping tool and save

as .GIF in order to remove the background. I have tried different level adjustments and just can not seem to get it to look good. 

I am using version paint.net 4.0.21 and have custom pc built for use with Autodesk Inventor 2018. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance, BSP





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The reason PNGs work better than GIF is that GIFs are limited to a palette of 256 colors and one level of transparency (yes or no). This is why the edges look choppy and the colors dithered. PNGs have a huge palette and a range of transparency levels, hence the smoother edges and more accurate colors.

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