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Does anyone know if there is a geometric plugin? Something to add lines and breaking up an image into geometric pieces. Please see below with my idea - I don't know if this has been created or if anyone knows where to find it.


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Hello @DrewM and Welcome to Paint.net ?


I can't think of a Plugin that will do that for you.  You could draw it in the Shapemaker - but that's a bit advanced for newbies.


You could, on the other hand, draw your shape on a new layer, make a new layer and add some lines/shapes.  I used, for the lion below, a Plugin by Midora called Parallel lines and Patterns.  Then you can 'select' your shape outline, switch over to the lines layer, and delete the lines outside of your shape.





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This looks like a "Low Poly" effect. There is no plugin for paint.net to create it but you can draw it as Bolbait suggested. One way to do it would be by drawing polygones on an empty layer above your image. You would use then each polygon as a guide by selecting it with the magic wand then going to your original picture and applying MJW's Average Color (RGB) effect.


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