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Hiding and unhiding rooms on an image

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Problem: I want to black / fog out sections of an image, and then be able to show specific sections again manually, one at a time.


Details: I have an image of roleplaying game map, with rooms and corridors. My players will see the map on a TV, connected to a laptop running paint.net. I want to hide / fog out the rooms and corridors they have not visited yet. Then with hopefully one click show them the room when they enter it, while keeping the already seen/unseen  rooms still visible/fogged out. The rooms / corridors are mostly different sizes and shapes.

The map is already created, so I just need to know how to add removable "fog" in specific easily removable portions, or something similar, please.

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Or occlude the map with one layer of fog and progressively use the Eraser with a large diameter to erase areas seen. I use this with dungeons where the rooms are well spread, so there is little chance of an accidental reveal.


Or zoom in on the map and scroll to reveal new areas. This is a quick and easy technique for overland maps.


As an RPG fan, I wish you well for your game.

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