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Looking for "Mass/Bulk Image resizer in Nearest Neighbor" HELP!

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I work with Sprites, so resizing them with "Nearest Neighbor" interpolation has been a blessing, as there is no color loss, but now I got quite the collection that I want to resize (and possibly convert to .png at the same time...) Trust me, its a bloody potato ton. I've been across the entire web (maybe), and I found programs that batch resize but blur the picture, or NOT blur the picture and not batch.

Then I remember this bad boy has plug-ins! I have been using Paint.net for 8 years, only having use of the plug ins to edit .dds files. PLEASE tell me there is a plug in like this. I have only found one really old plugin that doesnt work even when I downgraded the version (if you can tell me what I'm doing wrong, heres that plugin: <snip>

I have asked on a couple other sites but they do not seem to read my question all the way through. I will gladly downgrade the version if it just does what I need!


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Removed link as software breaks PDN license
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RE: Bulk Image Processor


Paint.net is not licensed for use by external applications. This is also true of the Bulk Image updater. That's why you won't find any links to it here or see it listed in the Plugin Index.


Aside: it looks like the author has all but abandoned the project.

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