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Saving each layer as a separate image

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I used Paint.Net for making games on Unity and sometimes when i'm making images for the game, I have to have two different images look as if they are one when put together:


For example, if I'm making a risk style game in unity, here's how I would make the countries:

FWUWoht.pngEach country is on a different layer so that I can save it on its own.

However: When making lots of images (countries in this case) i need a lot of layers. Then I then have to go through each one:

  • Copy it
  • Create a new file
  • Paste it
  • Save it
  • Go back

This gets really annoying really fast. So I'm asking for a feature that'd let me save each layer as a separate file with a click of a button rather than me having to do it manually. I feel that it may help other game devs who use paint.net as well.


Thanks in advance.

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Alternatively, Layer Saver might do the trick. Note it is an external resource - not something you run within paint.net.  Whoops sorry - incompatible with the latest version of paint.net.


The other way to attack this is with keyboard shortcuts


1. Press Ctrl + C (copy current layer)

2. Press Ctrl + Alt + V (paste into new image)

3. Press Ctrl + S (Save)

4. Press Ctrl + W to close.

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