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Photoshop Brushes - how to use?

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TL;DR  Where do I get a Photoshop Plugin that lets me use Photoshop Brushes (.abr) via 8bf Filter? 


Here is an example of a brush I will be trying to use:  https://www.brusheezy.com/brushes/57533-free-plaid-fabric-photoshop-brushes  This site requires membership for download but it's got a free plan. My file looks like this and it has 15 brushes:




I have never used Photoshop.  I did not even know it had it's own filters.  My search led me here because I am trying to use free Photoshop brushes downloaded in texture packs.  I would really rather not use GIMP if possible.  I like to keep everything in Paint.net / Blender.  Not that I have anything against gimp.  Okay, well I do.  I might be wrong tho.  I feel like Paint.net and Blender are more supported.  Blender by Youtubers and Paint.net here by these active forums.  Where the Gimp crowd seems to confer on DeviantArt which is not consolidated enough for my tastes.  I could suffer a bad first impression.  Anyway, I want to use Photoshop brushes.  Can you link me to the best reliable Photoshop Filters download site?  I don't want a virus.


I found these *cough* instructional vids by Youtubers but links are old: 





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I've split this post out of the original thread in order that we can answer your question(s) more succinctly (and to keep Null54's plugin pack clean and tidy :) )


Using Photoshop filters - you need this plugin:

To use Photoshop brushes, you need this plugin:

Regarding the use of Photoshop brushes, @Pixey has put together these helpful steps



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