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  1. This is what a Bezier looks like: https://youtu.be/2yCyNYA458E?t=76
  2. It takes forever for Paint.net to load because of all my addons for it. Request a feature that would load only Paint.net the program and not load the addons until you click a button that said, "Load Pluggins" .
  3. I love sharpen+ there are many times I needed to use it because my pixels looked so much better. Sometimes regular sharper works fine but other times sharpen+ is the only thing that gets the job done. Thx!
  4. A six, ten, twelve optional curve control dots for Line Tool has been desired for a long time by countless many. We need this. ____________________________________ Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers like Comcast & Verizon should not control what we see and do online. In 2015, startups, Internet freedom groups, and 3.7 million commenters won strong net neutrality rules from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The rules prohibit Internet providers from blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization—"fast lanes" for sites that pay, and slow lanes for everyone else. https://www.battleforthenet.com/
  5. Bye bye Webplayer. Hello WebGL. Ty for updates.
  6. It is 2017. Apng fell out of popularity and is no longer supported by browsers. There are dozens of tutorials on how to do this with P H O T O S H O P. I was told by paint.net people if I want to play with gifs to go and get GIMP. I did and learned everything GIMP had to offer in the gif department. And felt like a caveman beating on a hairy drum using one outdated and unsupported addon for GIMP that got blurry non-professional results. <spam>
  7. TL;DR Where do I get a Photoshop Plugin that lets me use Photoshop Brushes (.abr) via 8bf Filter? Here is an example of a brush I will be trying to use: https://www.brusheezy.com/brushes/57533-free-plaid-fabric-photoshop-brushes This site requires membership for download but it's got a free plan. My file looks like this and it has 15 brushes: I have never used Photoshop. I did not even know it had it's own filters. My search led me here because I am trying to use free Photoshop brushes downloaded in texture packs. I would really rather not use GIMP if possible. I like to keep everything in Paint.net / Blender. Not that I have anything against gimp. Okay, well I do. I might be wrong tho. I feel like Paint.net and Blender are more supported. Blender by Youtubers and Paint.net here by these active forums. Where the Gimp crowd seems to confer on DeviantArt which is not consolidated enough for my tastes. I could suffer a bad first impression. Anyway, I want to use Photoshop brushes. Can you link me to the best reliable Photoshop Filters download site? I don't want a virus. I found these *cough* instructional vids by Youtubers but links are old: https://youtu.be/JWnL1WCa4hI https://youtu.be/AlGdfs93rko
  8. Will someone please do a youtube video about this subject and link it. Trying to search youtube for answers on this is insane. Well over a 100 uploads on how to use the useless Eraser & Magic Wand. Sorry. But seriously how do you cut out the white background and leave the black image? This is a free texture. How would I make it have a transparent background with that alpha mask trick? I need to see this done by someone not told to me with printed words. Print makes no sense to my mind. A youtube vid would be awesome.
  9. We are told not to download anything that is not on this site but you have linked us a program in your downloads so what is the communities opinion on this? Is it safe or not? https://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/detect-plugin-problems/
  10. I cannot see all my plugins because wide screen. Please fix so hover loads view in boxes of 30 - 40 icon/word lines at a time, right to left not up and down. I would like to see them all at once. Mouse wheel scrolling is not working. I can see the up arrow and down arrow in the list but it does nothing when I move my mouse wheel. I can mouse-left-click the arrows and scroll works - but my eyesight not so good and the tiny arrows hard to grab. Would like panels that opened up to the right all of them so I can look at all options at once. And bigger arrows please so easy to see and easy to grab. Ty. I would like to see this: But what I see now is this:
  11. Following a youtuber tutorial on how to recolor game objects for the sims4 and they are all about Photoshop so no idea if .dds is supported for Paint.net AND IF IT WORKS WELL? Can I use Paint.net to alter .dds files without any setbacks whatsoever. As in it works as good as Photoshop or even better?
  12. Nvm I was reading very old information. I guess png are now designed to do this. Thx, sorry.
  13. I want it to save as transparent not white. How is this done?
  14. Is there an addon to help Twist? I did a clean install of Windows 10 and have the current Paint.net. I like the Effect > Distort > Twist but it lacks very specific area control. Instead of sliders I would rather have the swirl appear on the picture where I clicked down with my mouse pointer. With the slider I cannot reach the top or bottom of the photo so I am only able to give a decent twirl to the left side. When I try to swirl the right side upper top I cannot get it tight enough. Are there any addons that work with twirling, swirling, and shaping individual pieces of the picture rather than the entire picture as a whole? Thank you in advance for any help. Example photo below is not by me! I am not the artist or the corporation that created this wallpaper/icon. Link to original here.
  15. Nice to know about the 3d. Maybe someone will copy it and make a plug that works for all of Paint.net. I'm not working with 3d. I'm coloring "flat" carpets for a game. 675 of them and it is getting tiring to have every popup open front and center in the middle of my work. *sad*
  16. If I open anything within Paint.net it pops up right there front and center of what I am doing. It would be nice if it popped to the side. Any side! Am I the only one that finds this completely frustrating?
  17. I am dealing with 128 x 128 or smaller. The more I shrink a picture the more I loose details. Photo > Sharpen helps a little bit in some cases but in most I am loosing to much detail no matter. How do I fix this? If possible my pics need to remain in .png format but I'm open to suggestions.
  18. Do I have to have the organizer or will plugins work without it? Where does the organizer go, in effects??? When I tried to change the organizer's shortcut icon to something attractive it kept opening the organizer and screwing my desktop up; flashing, disappearing tray sections on desktop.
  19. Thank you community and/or mods for answering all of my questions to date with real courtesy! A very mature community this is. I'm afraid this question might be a bit silly but here it is: is there an addon/plugin that adds more Blending options for Layer Properties? I like what is already there but I want more - anything. 14 possibilities are not enough for me. I could sit there all day playing with it I'm having to much fun. No particular reason or project end in mind. Found nothing searching.
  20. I've posted here before. I said I used to use PhotoBucket for editing but they "updated" which was a downgrade. All their previous editing abilities I was very used to using are gone. Professional looking frames included. This is not just placing a colorful line around the edge of a picture. It was making it look like there was a real frame around it. Though the option for a regular box or poster frame was there as well and you used to be able size them with a slider. Examples: realistic frame (the one i'm most interested in getting) poster frame stacked several frames fade frame at edges on picture The first one is the one I am most in pursuit of. Maybe I should not have even shown the others they may be a distraction. I really want to be able to frame without copy and paste layering, mathing out resizing canvas, etc etc work work work, a real looking frame. Are there any pluggins for Paint.net like that? Note I've googled already and only found simple boxing in a pic plugs for Paint.net. Maybe you all know something's better out there?
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