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Text around a circle

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I have been trying for more than an hour to get something that will let me put text around a circle. I tried dpy's plugin, but it won't let me select "Eurostile Extended Bold" as a font. I tried GIMP for 45 minutes but got nothing but anger. There is nothing else I have done nor do I know about, so I am going to need help.

I want to do something like the image I attached, which I did with CorelDraw back when I was in school.


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Hi there @Gabriel Miceli!

Welcome to the Forum.


I am running Win10

Just downloaded your preferred font and ran it through DPY's plugin for circle text. No problem here. Have you the most up to date plugins / or maybe download a newer version of the font. The weathering of your font in your pic would be the real challenge. Unless that's what I'm missing from the ¨¨Eurostile Extended Bold¨¨ font





Hope this helps

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Well, I downloaded and replaced the one with the link you provided, so it's one weird thing that it doesn't work for me.
As for the rest of the fonts, most of them work. When I open the window for Circle Text, I get told (twice) that Aharoni won't work for the same reason.
Other fonts that don't work: Harlow Solid Italic

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It says on the page where the plugin was published that it cannot use fonts if the font doesn't support a 'regular' version.
... well, that's how I read it.



Perhaps if you could find a 'regular' version or a font with the same spacing/size you could make a 'guide' layer using Circletext.
Then copy/paste the fancy version of each character on top (in a new layer, one letter at a time)?:/


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Red ochre: The font I needed to use was used on AndrewDavid's first reply to this topic, showing that it does work one way or the other, so I don't believe that could be an issue. But I could be wrong. As for your suggestion, I will first try my reply to AndrewDavid (shown below), then yours.


AndrewDavid: Well honestly, that is strange.
Given the evidence, I will try this:

Use Windows 8 on my second hard drive and try it again.
If it still fails, I will try the 64-bit version and try it again.

If it fails again, I'm at a loss.

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