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i need a tut on how to make an effect.

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That is most likely a stock image. You have to ask LFC himself about that. However, I found a way to reasonably imitate that effect...

1. Do the "crystalline effect" tutorial.

2. Run Stylize > Emboss at default settings.

3. Go to Brightness/Contrast and turn both down, Brightness all the way and Contrast about 3/4th the way.

It doesn't look exactly similar, but that's all I could think of. :|

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Well, both Crimson and KonArtist have got it wrong, although Crimson's method does produce a nice effect! :D

This is how i think i did it:

How to create a wood type background thing, found in my Rainbow sig found in my gallery

1) Fill the layer black.

2) Effects > Noise > Add noise, intensity up to you but saturation must be 0.

3) Effects > Blurs > Radial Blur, default settings although you can change quality to the max.

4) Effects > Blurs > Splinter, settings are your choice, but for great results a medium-high distance is good. Also, the Mode must be on darken. That is vital.

5) Effects > Stylize > Relief, angle of your choice.

That was how the effect was created, i dunno if i did other things to it as it was a while ago. :P

Merry Christmas


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