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Cannot See Text

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I know that this subject has come up before, but the solutions that I have read have not helped me. I cannot see any text when I try to type it.  I can open NEW,  type there, but I cannot type in any layer. It just does not show up. I must be doing something wrong what is it?

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First be sure, that your choosen fontsize isn't to big and you are not to much zoom in to your workspace. Blending mode should be "normal". And if your background color is, for example, white, your foreground color for text should be something different. If you have previously selected an area your text is only visible in this area. If it is to small, you can see nothing.


More tips: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/TextTool.html

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Echoing the last point from Iron67, make sure you don't have an active selection by pressing Ctrl+D.

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