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PDN asks to save changes - but there are none

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I've noticed an annoying behaviour of Paint.NET.

1.) Open an image.

2.) Run any effect.

3.) Undo it.

4.) Close Paint.NET.

5.) Paint.NET will prompt you to save the "changes". Actually you haven't changed a single bit of the image. That can be nasty if you just open up an image to look how a certain effect would look.

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Rick, I agree that Ryuinfinity overdoes it when he says it's "SO ANNOYING". It's rather confusing.

The possibility that somebody would want to redo sth. when he hit the close button is auround 1 : 1000000. You can consider the users to be that intelligent. Actually, I have never seen such a behaviour with any other application. To consider the undo list as change is rather a mistake and a reason for confusion as a positive thing. One of the most important aspects of Paint.NET is it's extremly high usability, and this thing is really a disturbance of usability.

I tell you as a user.

I've seen many programmes and I admire - and spread/support - Paint.NET for being clean and clear. I'm not in the postition to give you recommendations, but I may ask you to keep it clean.

@Saabo: Most people on the world are lazy, and lazyness depends on your point of view. In this case, closing Paint.NET via Task Manager might be the faster solution.

And you have done somehting just that you undid it so technically you have done something .

Something to be saved!? The only thing that could be saved is a worse JPEG quality setting.

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