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Installer closes

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So...I'm searching for answers here for hours now, but I just cant solve the problem. The problem is in the title, and I do this after I install the latest version of paint.net:1 - I extract the files to my desktop, 2 - I launch the installer, it says it is installing. 3 - The ''installing'' window closes and another one saying ''The following will be installed:.Net framework 4.6.2 and paint.net'' 4 - I click ok, a new window opens and it says it is extracting some files. And thats it. It immediately closes after it '' extracts '' the files, and nothing more happens. I tried searching for a fix but I just couldnt...Also, I downloaded the latest version from the official paint.net site, and .Net framework 4.6.2 from the official site too (because as I mentioned in this post, the installer just closes)

So yeah...Nothing happens, and also i'm using windows 8.1 64bits

Any solutions?


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Yeah, I did installed the .net framework  v4.6.2  succcessfully. It dont actually says that it need to be installed, it asks me to download it through the paint.net installer, and as I said before, it instantly closes after extracting the files for framework 4.6.2 even tough I have it

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First, let's confirm that you have actually got .NET 4.6.2 installed. Please follow these instructions https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh925568(v=vs.110).aspx#net_b

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2 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

First, let's confirm that you have actually got .NET 4.6.2 installed.


User-friendly tool: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/astebner/2008/10/13/net-framework-setup-verification-tool-users-guide/



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