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How to fade out a part of a picture

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(Since this is a somewhat different question, you might want to start a new thread rather than extending an old thread.)


If you have two images (with white backgrounds), one containing the stuff you want to be dark, and the other containing both the stuff you want to be light and the stuff you want to be dark, the following simple method should work:


Put the light-and-dark image in a lower layer.

Put the dark image in an upper layer.

Adjust the opacity of the upper (dark) layer to get the desired look.


(By "light-and-dark" I mean how you want them to appear in the final version, not what they'll look like in the layer, itself. In the layer, they'll both be dark.)


If the stuff you want dark is in one image, and the stuff you want light is in another, I believe it's slightly more complicated. I won't bother explaining it unless the above method won't solve your problem.

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