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Acquire Button Greyed Out...

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I'm nervous about asking a question, since the rules were quite aggressive, LOL, so please be nice to an old lady!  I have a Konica Minolta printer Bizhub C203, that is a high-end printer for my self-publishing business, which is both a very good printer and an excellent scanner - or it was, <GBG>, when I was on Vista and Corel Paint.  My DH finally forced me to upgrade, since I was losing support on all my programs.... and that is where my trouble began.


Paint.net will print fine, and seems to be working well (I even downloaded a plugin from this site to fix trapezoid pics - was very proud of myself, so thanx!), but I can't scan, as the ACQUIRE button is greyed out, and I'm wondering if there's another plugin that I need...


I have upgraded Paint.net to the latest version, loaded printer drivers and twain drivers (as per printer support), and rebooted the computer (just in case) ... I did try searching every variation of this problem in the archives before I asked - honest, LOL, so hope you smart folks have some suggestions for me!  Thanx....  Jo

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According to the documentation...



The scanner or camera must support Windows Image Acquisition 2.0 (WIA).


I suspect your older hardware does not support this standard. The solution: install the plugin BoltBait suggested :)


Please don't be nervous. We rarely bite :mrviolet:

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OK, I seem to be about 95% there... the scanner is connecting, I can do the pre-scan, and it sez it's receiving the scan, but then I just get a blank box... where should the picture end up, LOL?.  Stupid question... is the clipboard the work area on the screen, or should I be looking for the scan somewhere else??  Sorry to be so slow, but it's almost there.  I think technology hates me... you should see me fight with my cell phone, <GBG>...


And thank you Ego Eram Raputo, for the kind words... I did see that WIA note when I was reading through the searched items yesterday, and meant to ask my printer support people about it when I phoned to get the twain drivers, then forgot all about it, as I didn't know what the initials stood for anyway <sigh>...


Soooooo.... how do I see what I scanned, LOL?

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7 hours ago, JoG said:

OK, I seem to be about 95% there...


Yes, after scanning, close the Twainable dialog box then press Ctrl-V to paste your scan into your image.


I would probably use Ctrl-Shift-V to paste into a new layer or Ctrl-Alt-V to paste into a new image.

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Glad you got it sorted. We omitted to welcome you to the forum, so belatedly: welcome!

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