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colorizing (painting) old monochrome pix

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I'm a newbie to Paint.Net and I like to colorize (paint) old monochrome photos. I've done this may times with other apps, with and without layers, and in the other apps, I quickly discovered how to adjust the transparency of the color I'm painting, which is a numerical adjustment of the color transparency. Actually coloring an old pic requires low color saturation and high transparency. Basically I'm tinting the various surface areas of a b&w pic...skin, clothing, hair, etc...without obliterating shadows, creases in fabric and flesh and other details of an image that needs to remain in the finished colored image.

I've looked around on the board but can't find this subject and I haven't seen this issue addressed in tutorials. How do I adjust the transparency / saturation of my paint brush?

Many thanks in advance.

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Could you post a sample image please? It helps us to help you. Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: AFAIK there is no way to colorize a B&W picture on a single layer. The best way i know of is to use the paintbrush tool to paint over the section you wish to colour on a separate layer, then set the blend mode to Overlay

Merry Christmas


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