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Will PAINT.NET have possibility to change between 3rd and 4th version gui?

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I used very long time Paint.net (version 3.5.11) on old Windows XP  and i couldn't use new releases. And now i have new PC and i downloaded leatest version 4.0.9 and guess what?! This version is better than previous, but have one problem! THE GUI! I now installed old version i used before just because of gui. Because i know making takes time,but what if paint.net will have settings for gui. Or even better! Make GUI completely editable by user. They can simply drag to any place Image Window (where you can select images from top) and Zooming...


For short: Make version with old gui ok?


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If you install the new version, I don't think it will take you very long to get used to the changes.

And, you get the HUGE benefit of running the latest version and all new plugins.

Just go for it!

In a couple of days, you won't even remember the old version.

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