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  1. While I don't have anything between 43-86KB, I did some extra digging. For example There are 3 samples with 86kb, helipad with image size of 256x256 won't open, but others (romos5, foldutegyenes_a) with bigger image sizes will, despite also being 86kb 15 DDS samples, I can add more if needed. Also as bonus PNG exports from Paint.net 3 with image sizes written down https://mega.nz/folder/c3JzjagQ#Xyoh0yiXxZ8-ZOXk-Sg2aw basically it's seems to do something with image resolution most likely
  2. DDS comes from some game. Bigger DDS files (~100kb) have no trouble opening, while smaller ones (like ~40KB) don't. No idea when it could have became a problem but it wasn't broken in 2018 or so for sure. There isn't a reason for files to be different in any way (like compression/encoding stuff) or any other nonsense reason. sharper images if some forum software makes it worse
  3. I used very long time Paint.net (version 3.5.11) on old Windows XP and i couldn't use new releases. And now i have new PC and i downloaded leatest version 4.0.9 and guess what?! This version is better than previous, but have one problem! THE GUI! I now installed old version i used before just because of gui. Because i know making takes time,but what if paint.net will have settings for gui. Or even better! Make GUI completely editable by user. They can simply drag to any place Image Window (where you can select images from top) and Zooming... For short: Make version with old gui ok?
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